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2021-01-13 12:17:22

TH Water index

TH Water index

TH water index
The concentration index of divalent cations in water is called TH water, which shows the values ​​of solute indexes such as calcium, magnesium and در in water, of course, the presence of this salt in water in water treatment is also called water hardness.
The amount of hardness of the water that flows on the surface of the earth is more difficult in the parts that pass through the calcareous areas than in the sandy areas.

Water hardness is usually higher in rainy and dry seasons than in rainy years, and most cave water و has high hardness.

Advantages and disadvantages of hard water consumption
It is said that bone fractures in people who drink more hard water heal faster.
However, consumption of these waters also causes gastrointestinal diseases, especially kidney stones. For this reason, we recommend that you use light water and use fruits and vegetables to provide calcium.
Also, the appearance of calcareous wall on the walls of the kettle indicates the high hardness of water.
In hard water, beans are cooked later. And the soap foams later.

Ways to reduce water hardness
To reduce the hardness of water these days, several methods are used, including ion exchange; The magnetic field or the use of a water purifier with reverse osmosis technology was mentioned.

Measure the amount of TH in water
To measure this index, the amounts of calcium, magnesium and… are measured in them, and if the values ​​of these two substances are higher than the standard; Water has a high TH, this index is measured in terms of MG / L.
Which cities have higher TH water levels?

The concentration of TH in water in desert cities that have alkaline soils such as Qom, Garmsar, Semnan and ،, the hardness of water is usually removed by heating, and precipitates as a layer of lime.

Of course, the amount of this variable decreases before water enters the consumption cycle in urban treatment plants, because the presence of these elements in the water will reduce the efficiency of the system and their wear.