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air treatment

Today, due to the types of air pollution in large cities, the use of air purifiers in all homes and offices has become one of the most essential necessities of urban life, and in addition we strongly recommend the use of air purifiers with the installation and use of double-glazed windows. And UPVC, which prevents soot and airborne particles from entering polluted cities.

Also, according to the mentioned research, unfortunately, the effect of air pollution in the elderly and people with disease backgrounds is much more serious, and even with their presence in the polluted air of big cities for an hour, these negative effects on heart rate, blood pressure and respiration can be seen.

Home air purifier, in addition to absorbing and eliminating suspended particles and air pollution such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and plant pollen by eliminating unpleasant odors and the smell of cigarettes in closed environments is quite effective in air purification and clean, healthy and Offers fun to consumers.
Generally, air purifiers consist of an ABS body and a multi-functional digital board, an aeration electrode, and one or more air purifier filters.

The most important point in choosing an air purifier is the number and level of air purifier filters.

In other words, the larger the area of ​​the air purifier filters and the larger the number of purification steps (which mainly include pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, electrostatic precipitator, nano-plasma permanent filter, UV lamp and negative ion generator), the device It will have more in absorbing suspended particles and air pollution, viruses, fungi, etc. in the air of our work and life.

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