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Wastewater treatment

Freshwater resources in the world are limited and vulnerable. These limited resources have special economic value along with social, economic and environmental effects. With the growth of cities and their increasing population on the one hand and the expansion of industries and factories on the other hand, the issue of environmental pollution is becoming more important day by day with the expansion of machine life and due to people not paying attention to everyone's interests. Environmental pollution makes humans and animals more unhealthy and puts their lives at serious risk.

The purpose of wastewater treatment

A) Providing hygienic conditions for people's lives: Municipal wastewater always has a variety of microbes that cause disease germs that contact with humans cause these diseases to cause these diseases to exist among people.

B) Keeping the environment clean: The introduction of untreated sewage into the environment has been caused by environmental pollution, which is no longer observed in this place. Unpleasant incense burners are finally produced, especially with flies and mosquitoes. These insects have their place to move. Germs become pathogenic and pollute the environment.

C) Wastewater recycling: Due to the fact that wastewater contains mineral salts less than seawater, and in fact fresh water is polluted, which can be much cheaper than seawater desalination if approved for agricultural irrigation, which they also are. The reason for the presence of fertilizers in the approved wastewater can be a suitable food source for plants and agricultural land.

  • Industrial water treatment

    Industrial purifying has a very wide range and will have a high impact on the product

  • air treatment

    process of removing heat and moisture from the interior of an occupied space

  • Wastewater treatment

    Wastewater is one of the causes of environmental pollution and therefore you should collect it and take it out of cities, first purify and treat it and then return it to the water circulation in nature. Water is receiving more and more attention

  • Home water filtration system

    a filtration system capable of filtering all the water that enters your house

  • Clean room

    a facility ordinarily utilized as a part of specialized industrial production

  • Supply of parts

    the unified system for finding and purchasing spare parts for heavy equipment